I grew up surrounded by dogs and numerous rodents. As a child I bred Peruvian guinea-pigs, rats and mice and trawled pet shops, looking for creatures in need of a good home. I even managed to sneak a pet rat into my student lodgings many years ago! When I finished college I spent a year in Germany, as an 'au pair' to two horses (who taught me to ride) and two dogs. I now look after our border terrier and 2 mice and the hamster. I am a former RAF police dog handler, having worked particularly with German Shepherds. He grew up with dogs and currently focuses all his 'expertise' on our 10 year old, rescue Border Terrier. Unfortunately he has yet to find a cure for his 'selective hearing', a canine condition he defies even the dog listeners to solve.

I help out with busypets whenever I can. I like meeting all kinds of animals (and people!) and spending time with them. I also help out at home with our dog and the mice and hamster (who live in my bedroom).