Cosy Cats Cattery

The cattery has a modern 18 unit cattery built to our own specification with all of the occupants needs taken into consideration for a safe and happy stay. The units are indoors individual catteries for your pet(s) comfort, however brothers and sisters etc can be housed together on request. The cattery is under the supervision of experienced staff to ensure your pets stay is a happy one. The new catteries are light and have a modern design. Each unit has a raised bench complete with a hygenic bed which incorporates a Pet Nap heater (specially designed cat electric blanket) to sleep on.

Because of our considerable experience we are able to continue with any nursing care prescribed by your own Veterinary Surgeon i.e. medicine, tablets, ointment, etc. in our dedicated isolation unit. If your cat is poorly or needs to be isolated we have a modern isolation block whis is 20 metres from the main cattery block to ensure there is no cross infection should it be required.