CSR PET Supplies

Around the age of 7+, his lifestyle and nutritional needs start to change. He will probably become less active and may be more prone to weight gain. So switch to Bakers Complete Senior to help your dog live life to the full and optimise his health long into his senior years. Composition :Cereals (4% rice in the green & orange kernels), Meat and animal derivatives (26% meat in the chunk, 4% chicken in the chunk), Vegetable protein extracts, (4% soya), Derivatives of vegetable origin, Various sugars, Oils and fats, Minerals, Vegetables (4% vegetables in the green & orange kernels). With colourants, antioxidants and preservatives Analytical constituents: Protein 25%,F at content 8%,C rude ash 7.5%,C rude fibres 8%,L inoleic acid 1.90%,L inolenic acid 0.11%.