My name is Andrew and I am a professional dog behavioural specialist and obedience trainer with over twenty five years of experience. I have a vast amount of knowledge and experience in working with dogs and their owners and I am now a canine behaviour practitioner consulting on problem dogs throughout Scotland. If you're in need of a highly experience dog behaviour specialist and trainer, you're in the right place. Obedience classes typically cost around £50 for an 8 week period, based on one hourly session a week.

Within this class there might be an average of 15 dogs in attendance, meaning that with travel costs considered, the Trainer would make around £70/hour from the session. Behaviour Consultations, depending on the area and the individual Behaviourist's charges, can cost anywhere between £60-£250 for the initial session, lasting between 45 minutes to 2 hours based on the severity of the dog's problem.