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Independent shop selling pet supplies, including food, chews, treats, training equipment, toys, accessories for the home, accessories for walks & runs, and items for grooming, health and well-being. We only stock quality biologically appropriate food, chews and treats. We have a large range of raw, dry and wet food for dogs and cats. We offer bespoke harness, muzzle, and coat fittings.

Business Services

Bespoke harness fittings

Bespoke harness fittings

We have years of experience fitting harnesses for all types of dogs. We have built up a collection of styles over the years to meet a wide range of needs.

When helping you to decide on the right harness for your pet, we take various factors into consideration, such as breed, body type, age, health, activity, and behavioural issues.

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122 West Street

Bristol, BS3 3LT
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