Fairparks first opened in December 2007. We are located between Paignton and Totnes in a lovely rural setting, the cattery overlooks an orchard with many chickens scratching about which keeps the cats amused for hours and if that isn't enough entertainment then they also have our ten goats to watch who are usually jumping and playing in their paddock all day long.

Each cat pen has a large indoor heated area, complete with bed, scratch post, toys, litter tray and each pen has a window with a viewing shelf so that if they don't want to go outside they can still see what is going on. If they do fancy some fresh air then they each have a catflap which leads to their own outdoor area with a chair so that they can have some comfort whilst watching the world!

We do not take dogs here at Fairparks which we feel is a great plus, as many cats do feel threatened by dogs barking, so whilst they are here, even though it is not home it is nice and quiet.