K9 Companion

I have always been the owner of many a dog since a was a child. After graduating from university, I travelled extensively and worked for some time alongside a husky trainer in Canada. My aim is not only to socialize the dog but to train it for good obedience and recall by using positive methods. I am a firm believer that training should be positive, fun and rewarding for dog and owner to make the time you spend with your dog a fulfilling and pleasurable experience. Owning a dog is a demanding commitment, we are here to help you.

I provide a wide range of services tailored around your wishes and busy schedule: general and puppy training lead work, socialisation and exercise. I am a firm believer in the use of positive methods for training. I deal with all kinds of dogs, sizes, breeds and temperaments. At K9 Companions we will cater for your dog's specific need's for a healthy and happy companion. As part of my service's, I provide one to one consultations starting at your home, if desirable.