MDC Exports

Founder Melvyn Driver has always owned dogs and held an interest in the welfare of animals. Working with UFAW (Universities Federation of Animal Welfare) and SPANA, Melvyn engineered the Eziset cat trap. A much appreciated alternative to stray cat population practices of the time. Following this, at the request of an RSPCA Inspector, Melvyn developed a humane dog grasper. The traps and graspers soon became essential pieces of kit for vets, rescue workers, dog wardens and others in the sector. With the essential co-operation of those directly involved in animal welfare, MDC (Melvyn Driver Components) was established and further quality products were developed. This included the unique fabric Mikki Muzzle providing safety to the handler whilst addressing the welfare needs of the dog. This top selling item launched 'Mikki Pet Products'. More successful products followed including grooming equipment and other items for the pet market.