Muddy Paws

A family run business through and through, Muddy Paws is based in the heart of Dorset and is rapidly becoming the UK's leading online dog store. Oscar, a barking mad cocker spaniel, is the official office dog and 'Muddy Paws' tester, and gets to try out all the new products before they go on the site making him the envy of his canine pals!

Our aim at Muddy Paws is a simple one. To provide you with the best possible range of products that are great looking, superb quality, and yet still represent excellent value for money. Muddy Paws was borne from our own frustration of simply not being able to find this elsewhere on the web and from our rapidly growing list of happy Muddy Paws customers we know that we were not the only ones! We pride ourselves on our first class customer service and if you need to get in touch we can assure you of a speedy response, friendly voice and team who are as passionate about dogs as you are.