My Itchy Dog

I am an ex BBC TV producer, journalist, pet owner and animal lover. For a few years there I made food and science based programmes, among other things, and I have always been interested in what goes into our human food and the interaction between conventional and alternative medicines and therapies.

So why should it be any different with our pets? As far as I am concerned, vets, proper, healthy pet food and natural treatments for dogs and cats that work can rub along together quite nicely, thanks. Equally, there's no room for quackery, just good old fashioned research and a common sense approach to animal health and welfare. My stance is people and animals should be free to use whatever works for them; if I've broken a leg I'm going to hospital, if I've put my back out it's the osteopath and a mental pledge to get off my backside and do more pilates. Equally, if I eat rubbish I will feel like rubbish and my body will let me know it doesn't appreciate the rubbish I'm piling into it!