Strawbell Pedigree Cats

Welcome to Strawbell Pedigree Cats - the producers of Top Quality Bengal Cats and Savannah cats and Kittens! A Savannah Cat is a hybrid off-springs of an African Serval Cat. We can provide you with free Professional Advice on owning and caring for Pedigree Savannah Cats and Savannah kittens. Our Pedigree Savannah cats and Bengal Cats are cared for by highly qualified individuals who are Distinctively Certified and Qualified in Feline Health Care; and our In-house Trainer. We all love the wonderful Savannah Cat and Savannah Kittens - they are our Hobby. Strawbell Savannah Cats are some of the UK's Top Savannah Cats, including the famous Savannah Cat Tara, owned by Strawbell Pedigree Cats who is the star of the Cat Collector's Magazine in England and widely referred to in the worldwide Media.