Warwick Whelping

They are our hairy and feathered kids!

We also buy in bulk so we can pass on the savings to our customers. We understand that pet owners want the best care and products for there pets so we would not sell or supply anything we would not be happy using ourselves, and in fact most of our products are used by our own pets! We do not comprise on quality.

We manufacture all our products to the highest standards using only the best materials available to us, so quality has never been so affordable. We manufacture the largest range of Whelping Boxes in the United Kingdom offering our customers choice, to suit there individual pets needs. Our range of pet heat pads are also custom made and every whelping box has a recommended size to suit perfectly. Of course our pet heat pads are also the perfect present for any dog or cat to snuggle up on. Pet Heat Pads are a fantastic item and come with a gorgeous fleece cover. The pet heat pad cover is fully washable.