Wolf Tucker

WolfTucker is a leading supplier of raw dog food to customers throughout the UK. We are a family-run company, operating out of the South of England, with a passion for dogs. Indeed, the business was established specifically after seeing dramatic improvements in the health of our own pets; they eat exactly the same food we supply through this website. The quality of our product is therefore of paramount importance to us and very much the beating heart of the company. We even eat many of the ingredients ourselves - tested on humans!

However, this site is not about selling raw dog food to the uninitiated and we make no apology for aiming to provide you with all the necessary information about the BARF diet and raw feeding in general, to enable an informed choice with regard to the best dog food you can give to your beloved companion.

Unfortunately, there is a lot of misdirection, myths and scaremongering on the internet with regard to this method of raw feeding and the BARF diet.