Tail Waggers

The Tailwagger Display Team has been established since 2004 and is made up of dogs and handlers who attend the Tailwagger Club. The team currently has approximately 40 dogs and handlers (team sizes for particular events may vary). The dogs are a variety of breeds and cross breeds, all different sizes and ages, from puppies who participate in our ever popular ‘puppy training' section of the displays, to older dogs.

The team provides high quality, fun, enjoyable, entertaining and informative displays, much of which take place to music. Informative commentary is provided throughout all displays and all of our Team (including stewards) wear full team uniforms, to ensure a professional appearance.

The displays can cover many aspects of pet dog training, including ‘freestyle' heel work to music, puppy training, tricks, and competitive obedience. Displays can also be tailored to individual requirements, so please feel free to get in touch for more information.