Barkimber Pet Care
Our doggy day care is the ideal place for your friend. We have two large grass safe enclosed areas, a large area where all our kennels face each other so your dog will never feel like it's all alone,
Paradise Pets
Paradise Pets are the experts. We know exactly what you need to keep your pets fit, healthy and entertained. Did you know that lots of small animals are bred abroad and shipped over to the UK, so you
Chimneys Cattery
We are a long established, family run cattery, centrally located in Rodbourne Cheney in Swindon, ideal for shortening that journey with your cat. The cattery overlooks a quiet garden and provides a
Indigo Collartags
Did you know, that the Control of Dogs Order (1992) says "every dog" in a public place must wear a collar and identity tag? The identity tag must show the NAME AND ADDRESS of the owner. You can be
Ridgeway Pet Supplies
As a family, we have always owned pets - dogs, cats and horses mainly, so we feel that we know quite a lot about them, what their needs are and what products they need and like. Many of the products
Pets Kitchen
We’re passionate about keeping your pets healthy, and proud to be the only pet food brand with an in-house vets practice. We combine locally sourced natural ingredients with our veterinary team’s